Stucco Coatings

When stucco begins to crack and discolour, many homeowners fear that a major restoration is in order. While a complete overhaul of your stucco is an option, refinishing your current stucco offers the same benefits, the ability to renew dingy, discoloured stucco or change colours completely, at a much lower price.

There are a variety of unique stucco coatings specifically designed to both protect and enhance the durability of your stucco. That’s something to smile about.


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Freshen things up with a Stucco Coating

Whether you’ve bought a house with colours that you don’t care for, or are rethinking the original colours of a home you’ve built, coating your stucco with a fresh layer of paint will update your home. And, with the plethora of colour options available, we have a wide palette-range to suit your unique taste, not matter what you want.

So what are your options, and what’s the best choice for you? Let’s look at two of the most well-known stucco coating options out there.

Homestyle Painting Offers Stucco Coating

Since stucco has such a porous surface, it collects dirt, water stains, and everything in between over the years. While pressure washing will blast away most of those stains, it won’t restore it to that sparkling brand new surface again.

At Homestyle Painting, we can give that worn-out, water-stained stucco surface (that seems dirtier than your garbage bin) a budget-friendly facelift that will have it looking like brand new. Even if cracks have formed, our stucco coatings can help increase the lifespan of the surface, helping it to stay intact.

The Most Popular Stucco Option: Elastomeric Stucco Coating

The moment moisture gets behind your stucco, the battle begins for your stucco’s longevity. Elastomeric stucco coating is more of a coating than a paint, and the overall look is nearly indistinguishable once it’s dry.

One part coating, one part elastic, this dual-purpose product interacts with the stucco, providing both protection and support. Because of elastomeric’s ability to stretch, it can expand up to 400% within the surface of the coating. This means any hairline cracks will be strengthened, binding them together, and preventing any further shifting.

Upgrading to elastomeric stucco coating is much cheaper than completely replacing your stucco.

Elastomeric Stucco Coating Benefits

Elastomeric stucco coating offers:

  • A water based product that is easy to work with and easy to clean up
  • A wide range of available colour options
  • 400% elasticity will fill cracks, prevent them from re-forming, and help hold it all together
  • Cost-effective way to stretch out the lifespan of your stucco
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty

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The Most Common Stucco Option: Standard Stucco Coating

Straightforward, simple, and effective, standard stucco coating is the most cost-effective way to recoat your stucco. It’s most commonly used on newer homes when the stucco is already in good shape, with very little wear and tear.

Offering a full array of colour options, standard stucco coating gives your home a brand new look, with your unique colour flavour. Because it’s a top-quality product, it will last for years, and help increase your stucco’s lifespan.

Standard Stucco Coating Benefits:

  • Increased longevity
  • Cost-friendly
  • Water based (making it easy to work with and clean up afterwards)
  • Full spectrum of colours available

With proper care, and recoating, your stucco will last longer. And, by recoating, you can keep your home up-to-date so you won’t be wishing for the original colour to fall off just to give you an excuse to re-stucco your home.

Make sure your stucco gets the care and colour your home deserves with a new coating from Homestyle Painting Winnipeg.

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