Commercial Painters in Winnipeg That You Can Trust!

Sub-contractors can be the key to a great project, or the cause of blown deadlines, over-inflated budgets, and subpar work. You don’t need another headache – you need workers with the experience and skill to get your job done right and on time, without causing problems.

Whatever your project, from restaurant renos to newly developed condos, Homestyle Painting has the experience to deal with any possible problems that crop up on a worksite without disrupting timelines or budgets – all while delivering a high-quality paint job that our clients have always been happy with.


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The Tools and the Experience to Get the Job Done

No painting project is beyond our ability. We have the tools and skills required to paint at any height, covering both interior and exterior projects. We offer the very best paint products on the market, some with little to no odour.

Our paint will keep bystanders happier – especially if your area is a high foot-traffic zone.

Here are just a few of the projects we’ve worked on:

  • New construction projects
  • Restaurants
  • Office spaces
  • Condominiums

With experience all across the commercial sector, you can rest assured we can tackle your project with the proper paint and tools – all while staying on time and on budget. Homestyle Painting is your commercial painting professional.

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for your commercial painting project.

Commercial Painting Services You can Rely On

With our experience in the industry, and commitment to excellence, we are able to tailor each job to the client. Focusing on maximizing efficiency and minimizing the disruption to your project, we get in, we paint, and we’re out, as efficiently as possible.

To make sure your project succeeds, we work with you, offering budget-friendly options, and flexible scheduling, to make sure your project is done as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Professionalism doesn’t stop at our quality of work. We make sure that you, and our workers, are covered should the worst happen. That means carrying liability coverage and WCB.

But you don’t have to rely on our word, as the Better Business Bureau accredited us with an A+ rating, showing our commitment not only to our work, but to our client’s satisfaction.

Homestyle Painting’s Experienced Workers

Too many painters out there consider themselves professionals because they’ve swiped their brush a handful of times. It’s frustrating to deal with these workers who oftentimes overpromise and even disrupt your project. At Homestyle Painting we don’t shove a brush in someone’s hand and call them a painter. We hire only the most professional painters; workers who are not only qualified and experienced in commercial painting, but are also available to answer any basic questions you might have on site.

Homestyle Painting is proud to employ experienced painters who are courteous and diligent and care as much about the end product as you do.

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Homestyle Painting:

Our Commitment to Excellence

We care about the painting we produce, simple as that. Homestyle Painting works closely with your contact, be it the facility manager, project manager, or designer, covering every detail of your project in order to make it the best experience it can possibly be. Your success, is our success.

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for your commercial painting project.